They WON’T tell you this…(but I will)

A few days ago I received an amazing screenshot from one of our member.

An image is worth a thousand words, and in this case, you’ll clearly
and instantly understand what this is about:

Alan generated $700 last week using Instaffiliate

This is a brand new Clickbank account, and Alan was completely new to all of this
before he decided to join… Instaffiliate 10 days ago!

Fast forward 10 days later, and Alan has generated $700+ in pure pro’fit.

Here is how he did it, step-by-step:

  1. He started marketing his Weight Loss website and generated $25 the first day and
    $38.97 the 2nd day. He promoted using the Instant Facebook Traffic method we teach
    (posting your links in Facebook group and on the 2nd day he automated the tasks using this
    amazing Group Marketer Software)
  2. On Day 2 he decided to upgrade to get the 5 Premium Instaffiliate systems (you can check
    the demo video here)
  3. He used the same promotional method to then push 42 Product reviews (instead of just 7
    which comes with the default website). 6 Times more power and all of sudden, he entered
    the $100 a day league and it can now only grow.

Alan is happy and now has a vision that hopefully he will share with us in an upcoming webinar.

It’s now your turn to do the same. There’s nothing magical. All you have to do is follow the above steps to make it work for you.

But what Alan did is simple: he took action, and he did not leave it to chance.
He grabbed his Premium websites and quickly increased his earnings!

And that’s what you should do too!

To your Insta success

JP Schoeffel & Instaffiliate Team



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